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What is a medical computer, and how does it differ from a normal PC?

MEDICAL COMPUTERS are equipped with in-built features that are specifically intended to facilitate and enhance the performance of the medical facilities staff, including healthcare supervisors and the administrative staff at a hospital.

While you may wonder if they are worth the investment compared to the normal pc, there are marked differences between the two that make medical computers an ideal choice for healthcare systems.

Here are a few points that make medical computers different from normal pc.

1-      The first point of difference is the adherence to medical design standards. The design of the medical-grade computers is required to be in compliance with IEC 60601, which are Medical Design standards for the power supplies. The safety standards are designed to ensure that the medical computers are safe to use with other medical equipment in the hospital setting. These standards are also intended to prevent electrical discharge in the equipment to ensure the safety of patients and healthcare staff.

2-      The second point of difference is design features for the prevention of contamination. Normally, multiple individuals use medical computers and can become a breeding ground for bacterial. However, an antimicrobial coating prevents cross-contamination and the spread of pathogens. It also makes the computer resistant to dirt and water so that the equipment can be washed and cleaned thoroughly by commercial cleaning agents.

3-      Compared to a normal pc, these computers have high-resolution displays, making it easier to read scans and images with more accuracy. They also have anti-glare properties and are hence easier to read. They also have in-built touch keys to adjust the brightness.

4-      Many medical computers also come with distinctive function keys that are available on the screen and can be controlled by touch, making them easier to use and providing quick output.

5-      Moreover, medical computers have a larger life span going up to 10 years and bigger warranty periods of up to 5 years, compared to the average one-year warranty for a normal pc.

Therefore, even though they may cost more than a normal pc, they prove to be worth the investment in the long run.

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